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  TX Hobby Hay Package: BELLONMIT Drum Mower+MOLON Belt Rake+IBEX Round Baler

Item Condition: New

Overall Width (in.)
Length (in.)
Height (in.)
Weight (lbs.)
888 lbs
Working speed
2-3 miles/hour
Tractor Connection
3 point
Tractor Connection
Bale Wrapping
60 - 100 bales/hour
Bale Size (diameter x width)
20” x 28”
Bale Weight (lbs.)
30-50 lbs
Pickup Width (in.)
Recommended Minimum Tractor HP
Minimum Tractor Weight
1500 lbs.
self-contained hydraulic system for opening tailgate
horn operates by electrical connection to tractor battery
Tire Size
16” x 6.50”-8”
Double Teeth Per Row
Working Width, Raking - Min.
Working Width, Raking - Max.
Working Width, Spreading
Transport Width
187 lbs
Cutting Width
Number of Cutting Knives

Price: US $12,297.00

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